Why do women hate being Friend-Zoned?

I have noticed that women get flustered when you do what they do so well to men they are not serous about. Women love gay guys,

Metrosexuals and friend-zoned guys they create who will make them feel special. 

I have done this a lot lately. I will meet some girl, and she will want talk about herself, and I turn it around where I am talking about myself. I turn down meeting in places that I don’t like. 

It usually goes like, do you want to meet at Starbucks? Me, no, I don’t want that expensive coffee with too much sugar. How about this barbecue joint? There is this pause like, he’s not doing what I want... Why? And then they say they’re going to Starbucks, and I say bye! See you tomorrow at work. They always pause. And there is no clue or interest in romance or to have sex. Then they call back offering to buy me the coffee. Offer to bring it over to me. I am like sorry, I don’t want that stuff. It seems to bother them that I won’t give in. Let them drive the situation.   

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    So, why stick around and be friend-zoned?  Some guys don't mind being in the friend zone because they actually don't know what they want out of their relationship with a girl who isn't sexually interested in them.  That's why women have guys around them who are willing to be in the friend zone.

    But are women willing to be friend-zoned?  Not so much.  The sexually attractive women know what they want more often than guys do.  In general, women are more sexually oriented than men.  Evolution has been kinder to them in that way.  Of course, that's a general evaluation; differing individually.

    They know they want friends and they know they want di*k.

    In conclusion, if they're not going to get di*k from a guy they're attracted to, they aren't going to stick around.  They either move on or get frustrated in multiple attempts.    

  • 3 weeks ago

    I am pretty sure this does not mean all girls. Maybe she just really wants that coffee and your company. Either way, only that girl can answer this question.

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