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I can’t tell people my goals?

I was very happy as a kid but when I graduated college and got a well paying job something happened suddenly people started asking me for money. My sister begged me to mentor her son and he would give me to many requests. People begged me for help. All of this makes me uncomfortable, I regret telling others about my job. Now I don’t trust telling people my goals. Is this how you feel?

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  • Ben
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    3 weeks ago
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    Maybe it's just CERTAIN people you don't trust as you mention. Pinpoint those individuals in your mind and be extremely cautious and distant with them if things didn't go well for you like under certain circumstances before. Perhaps you limit contact for a while.

  • Pearl
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    3 weeks ago

    just dont tell them if you feel that way

  • David
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    3 weeks ago

    I know the feeling! 

  • 3 weeks ago

    I don't really experience this that much... I think it depends on what kind of people you have around you. People in need will sometimes look to the wealthy to help them. I do believe it is a responsibility of the wealthy to look after those in need. That's what I try to do. But, it is also important to take care of yourself, otherwise you won't be able to help anyone else. If you are experiencing this problem though, I think it would be wise to keep your profession to yourself more often. Don't just tell everyone.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    You need to find a better job further away from your relatives so that you can have your own life. You will end up still giving it all away, but it will be for your family.

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