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What is this part of a camera called? And do they sell those pieces that connect to regular phones? So I can use my phone to record myself?

I wanna be able to record my self the from the back camera so it won’t look back words like it would if I recorded with the front camera but I wanna be able to see myself

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    That is an LCD screen to view what you are seeing in your camera.

    They don't sell them to connect to regular phones as you can already do that with any smart phone available out here on the market today

  • Frank
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    1 month ago

    It's an liquid crystal display (LCD).  You might be able to buy a portable LCD display for your phone.  You can one at B&H  such as the Atomos which runs between $500~$1,000.  That's a lot!  And when you consider the costs of a stand-alone LCD monitor, you just might want to get a camcorder that has one already built in.  For the price of an Atomos, you can get a 4K camcorder with a great lens with a large aperture and because it's a camcorder, it's going to have all of the video features that you will ever need.  Plus, unlike a phone or any digital camera that do video as a matter of convenience and as a result have many, many drawbacks, then you may want to consider getting an inexpensive camcorder.  

    An inexpensive camcorder will have far better image quality than any phone or digital camera.  Plus since a camcorder is purposely built specifically for video, you will get a device that is far easier to use and more adaptable for a larger variety of shooting situations.

    Do a youtube search for camcorder vs DSLR and you will find that almost all show that a camcorder is the superior tool for making videos.  Furthermore, they all agree that the only reason to use a DSLR/mirrorless camera is for the shallow depth of field look that a larger sensor device will provide.  Unfortunately, smartphones use the smallest sensor that is found in such devices and thus produce the worst amount of noise.  And because of their cheap plastic fixed lens, you get less sharp images and you do not have the flexibility of a zoom.  Plus you do not have the accessories for a phone that you do for a camcorder either.

  • 1 month ago

    This is a LCD Display Panel.

    You could tether your phone (subject to the specification being high enough) to a monitor on a PC or tablet using a suitable cable, or even cast the phone screen image wirelessly to a monitor. 

    Google Mirroring.

  • keerok
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    That's the camera's LCD. Not all digital cameras have an articulated (flip-able) LCD like that. Worse the LCD is an integral part of the camera, meaning you can't take it off which further means you can't buy one to attach to your phone.

    There are many ways to see yourself while shooting with your phone's rear camera. You only need to be creative. Then there are ways to convert the recording from your phone's front camera if that is the only choice you have. Better yet, there are ways to shoot without even seeing yourself just like how we did it decades ago before digital cameras, camcorders and smartphones even came to mind.

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  • 1 month ago

    That part is called --- 

    get this --- The Screen. [emphatic inhalation of wonder] 


    There is no way to horizontally flip the image on the screen of a normal camera

    or on a TV, so you will have to live with the way it seems to move.  



    Exporting the signal to another screen could prove tricky. 


    If the phone and the screen you want to use are both MHL compatible, 

    it shouldn't be too much trouble. 

    Otherwise, you're in for quite a learning and testing adventure.

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