Fuel line sprayed under car, while trying to chanfe fuel filter. Is it safe! What do I do?

I was chanfing the fuel filter on my 1990 jaguar and didn't put one of the washers on that I needed so I was leaking after I turned over the key one notch over a few times to see if it would leak. It was leaking a bit and realized I didn't add one of the washers I was supposed to to it. I lacked the car back up a little while after and unscrude the bolt connecting to the fuel filter and there was still a lot of pressure in there from turning the key over and it sprayed when I loosened it. Will I be fine if I just put the other washer I needed on and take a towel and wipe dry any fuel that sprayed around that area? The car won't explode it I try turning it on or anything?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Gasoline volatiles evaporate quickly, so if you've cleaned up the area and have ensured the system isn't leaking now you'll be fine. If you feel the need you can wash down the area(s) with a water hose. Next time you'll know that you can de-pressure the fuel system often by just taking the gas cap off, or in some instances pull the fuel pump relay switch and crank the engine a little. 

  • Ron
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    4 weeks ago

    Don't bother with the towel. Gas evaporates quickly though the smell will stick around some time. It's already dry

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