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Best method to whiten teeth?

I have yellowish teeth. I only brush once a day (I know bad habit I’m trying to break it). I heard if you brush twice, floss and mouthwash it’ll get rid of it. I just want to know if that’s the best method or if whitening toothpaste is better, or whitening strips. Or even a whole 200 buck whitening process. After I whiten them I’m planning on brushing twice, flossing and rinsing. 

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    Naturally, teeth have a yellowish colour so sometimes even if you brush your teeth 10 times a day nothing will change of course some toothpaste would help but don't expect extraordinary results the most important thing is to avoid vigorous brushing that wouldn't help and can wear down the enamel if you really want a real whitening,  seek a professional help in order get the best results.

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    Brush twice and floss and rinse now so you don't start getting decay between your teeth and at the gum line.

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    Activated charcoal and whitening toothpaste are okay, but a professional dental whitening is the way to go :)

  • k w
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    don't forget about the natural whitening power of baking soda, your teeth won't look like dentures either.......

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  • 3 weeks ago

    acrylic paint or liquid white out

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Teeth scraping is very effective because it removes the disgusting yellow plaque from your teeth.  The best thing is that you can scrape your teeth yourself and don't need some overpriced dentist to do it for you.

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