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What’s this movie called?

I watched this movie years ago , When I was abou 10-13 about these kids that Bike Stunts and they would ride everywhere I swear I bought Movie was called Rad but couldn’t find it , I think 1 of the parts is there gettin chased by people and they do bike tricks to get away

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    That is just silly poster art.........not any kind of movie, where all those characters appear in one film. 

    and some of them do NOT fly.  Cyclops does not fly.  The Hulk and the THING,   cannot  FLY.   But they can JUMP pretty good. 

    In the early comics.....Superman could not "fly" either.  His power was  having the strength for super long  JUMPS...... and "flying thru the air"......but not FLYING, per se. 

    that morphed over the years  to have actual  flying ability. 

    Even on the old 50's tv show......he always had to take a running head start and then  LEAP. ...and then they always showed him landing a long jump. 

    In the movies, this changed to just having magical  anti-gravity  powers and he could just hover mid-air......or take off from a standing position.--like a rocket. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    There's a movie about BMX bikers called Rad from 1986. BMX Bandits from 1983

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