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Why is my dog humping her toy?

My dog is female (7 pound poodle mix) and spayed. Before she was spayed she used to do this with her bigger toys so we got rid of those. Yesterday we got her this pink dog only a little smaller than her. She was scared of it at first then this evening she started mounting and humping it.  When I told her to stop she did but then went back to it 10 mins later. Is this normal behavior? Should I be concerned?

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    It is totally normal and you don’t need to be concerned.

    Sexual behavior is normal for all mammals. Dogs who are raised with humans don’t have a normal outlet for their sexual feelings AND they don’t have a sense of shame about this sort of thing.

    My larger dog also likes to hump her bigger toys. I just ignore it, she seems to enjoy it (she joyfully throws the toy around after) and it isn’t hurting anything. My smaller dog likes to hump my ugg boots. They are both spayed females and have been doing this since they were puppies.

    It doesn’t bother me although if they were doing it in front of company I’d probably simply distract them with a treat and remove the object from the room.

    I have no problem with my dogs having a sexual outlet, it’s normal for mammals to behave in sexual ways. I see this question come up sometimes her and am always shocked at how prudish people are.

    My girls are very very happy, loved dogs who have had all positive training, never get punished, are loving, well behaved, fantastic companions. If they want to occasionally hump something, I’m fine with it.

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    No need for concern & no need to remove her toys just cause she humps them. The Humping is not what most people think & they don't do any research to learn more about this behavior.

    Not all dogs do this but many do. Nothing to be concerned about. I would stop her from humping you or visitors. It is a dominance ploy to show that she is trying to dominate her toys. Plus, it feels good.

    I had a male cat that did the same thing to his toys, usually the stuffed animals.

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    That's what dogs do dear.. Harmless

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    I would find it amusing.leave her be.

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