what is a good topic for a persuasive speech?

I just want suggestions. I kind of have in mind to do a persuasive speech on recycling and contributing to save the ecosystem or something like that.

But I wanted a topic that had to do more with changing my audience’s mind about how they already feel about something.

Nothing that has to do with religion or politics.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Perhaps something like "Organic doesn't always mean better/healthier" - you can talk about how "organic" pesticides and things usually aren't any better (and sometimes worse) than manmade. Buying organic vegetables from Peru is going to have a lot more negative impact than buying local vegetables that might not have bothered to become certified organic.

    Or perhaps "Gluten isn't evil"

    Or even "Still, thousands of years later, games are still not causing young people to become lazy, violent, criminals, etc" - There has been this argument since games were invented and more so since video games, that they cause violence, laziness, etc which really has never been shown to be true in the real world

  • 4 weeks ago

    Try to choose something that hasn't been done to death. If you can carry it off, a humorous speech goes over well- "The cafeteria should serve only candy on Thursdays because that will reduce students' cravings for it the rest of the week." Or "Everyone should be require to go nude because the textile manufacturing industry polluted the environment." Or pick a local issue. Where I live, it's very warm, and I've said for years that we should build a mountain, because the air is cooler at higher altitudes. Or "All students should be required to watch Live PD to find out how stupid people are when they are pulled over by the police, especially when they are drunk or on drugs."

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    Yes I am sure but not entirely sure.

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