Question on a crochet pattern. ?

For rows 2-3  do i fphdc in the first crochet and then bphdc the rest of the way around or do i alternate between fphdc and bphdc throughout the round? And what does sl st to top of ch 2 mean?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Follow the instructions as written, don't try to "fill in" any other words.

    FPHDC, then BPPHDC for the rest of the row.

    Sl st to the top of ch 2:  The two slip stitches you made at the beginning of the row will stand in as an "artificial" double crochet at the beginning of the row. You sl st into the second, or top stitch, in order to join the row at the same height as the last bphdc in the row.

    If you're having trouble reading these simple, clear instructions, I suggest you read some tutorials (online) about reading crochet instructions.

    Also, like any beginner, be prepared to rip out a few rows if you discover you've done the wrong, and do them over correctly.

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