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My birthday is coming up and I have no one to celebrate it? ?

I turn 19 this Saturday. I’m a freshman in college. I decided not to go home that weekend because it is so close to thanksgiving break. However, I’m starting to regret it. I have made close friends in college over the 4 months I’ve been here. I was just a little sad because most of them will be going home this weekend for various reasons. I know I shouldn’t be sad and they have their reasons for going back and I respect that, but it’s just hard not to think about the fact that I’ll be alone on my birthday with nothing to do. My parents will not be here either. I’m just not sure what to do. My friends had asked to go out to eat on Sunday but that changed because of everyone going home. One of my friends who will be leaving that weekend asked to do something Thursday (tomorrow) night, but most people didn’t want to because of midterms. I understand they aren’t obligated to do anything for me but it was just kind of upsetting because everyone else in the friend group in our dorm has had their birthdays celebrated in some way. One of my other friends will be having hers celebrated next week with everyone on the 21 and I seem to be the only one where that isn’t happening. I know birthdays are just another day but it’s just so different than the past several years and it’s hard for me not to be sad about it

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  • Edna
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    3 weeks ago

    Oh, boo-hoo! - poor you! You're 19 years old & you're a Freshman in college, and there's going to be no one around to celebrate your birthday with you on the actual date. Go out with your friends and celebrate your birthday the following week.

    Grow up!  Most people don't bother to "celebrate" their birthday after they're 16 years old. By the time they're 19, most people just forget the fact that it's their birthday. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    ask your family to celebrate your birthday with you in two weeks when you see them for thanksgiving. i understand how you feel. both my father and mother died while i was in college. my mom had always sent me a card for my birthday, but after she died nobody celebrated my birthday anymore. i just started ignoring it and it became another day to me.

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    You need a little package of invitations hand them out to 8 friends and plan a pizza cream party. Lunch..

    Buy yourself flowers

    I use to buy me a gift

    Now I buy me a little cake and eat a lot of it...

    You need to reflex on the tear, rejoice, have goals, proud of you...

    Your bd will come yearly and there has always been someone to remember me. As I have gotten older I had to be creative for me.

    Buy a coffee gift card, get a sweater for the holidays...

    Thanksgivings will come and go will not always go home for my first Thanksgiving alone was a blast and a good bottle of wine.

    Happy Birthday are loved and I bet they have gifts for you at thanksgiving...

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    Hey don't be too sad, cheer up! I was in the same situation with the friends on my birthday and guess what? None of my "friends" showed up on my birthday and one of them had promised me to come for dinner and she didn't even show up so bleh whatever. It was nice of my family to celebrate it with me even though I wasn't in the mood for celebrating. 

    I think you should do something nice for yourself for one day on your birthday if you like to do things alone. Just an idea, you don't have to if your not comfortable. Hope you have a great one on your upcoming birthday :).

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    Aww :( well I totally get that. To be honest, I wouldn't be that upset if I was alone on my birthday but I think it's cuz I'd know my family and friends would be there and celebrate with me if they could... Just knowing that would make me happy :) but like I said, I totally get why that might make you a little sad. So.. I'm assuming you may get some birthday calls. That sounds likely based on what you said. That's one activity! And yes that counts. I know what I would do. I would just do the thing I really enjoy. I'd do some drawing and painting, I'd probably go see a movie, and I'd go eat out. I'd probably also play some Overwatch in the evening lol. Will it be a bit of a bummer compared to previous birthdays? Yeah. But just look forward to when your friends get back and razz them about missing your birthday for some fun. Also you could also celebrate it on a different day. I've done that a few times! Oh and Happy birthday! 🎉♥️🎂!!

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    Why do you have nothing to do?  You don’t need company to celebrate your birthday.  I’ve been celebrating my birthday alone for most of my life.  I get a nice bottle of wine, cook my favorite meal.

    Ok, I guess I cheat a little, I share my steak and veges with my dogs.  They are always ready for a party.

    My point is, you can learn to be comfortable on your own and not depend on other people for your emotional stability.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yeah I’m sad too after reading this. You probably have that made up disease called Depression

  • 4 weeks ago

    Just celebrate it when you’re all together again. If you have a close friend that you can confide in, tell them how you feel and hopefully they’ll throw you a “surprise” birthday party. I kind of get how you feel. On my last birthday I didn’t get any presents and my own friend even forgot to say happy birthday to me until someone else brung it up. I don’t blame her though and I’m not mad. I understand how people have their own lives and can forget things. Anyways happy early birthday.

  • Linda
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    4 weeks ago

    Celebrate it with your friend on Thursday. There is no hard and fast rule it has to be on your bday. 

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