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Can a baritone hit high notes?

My whole life ever since i was a kid i was obsessed with high notes. I wanted to hit them so bad. I went to a vocal coach and apparently I’m a baritone and my highest note is A two notes lower than high C. 

Can a baritone go higher with training? To a high C or even higher? 

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    You can only sing as high as your vocal range will allow. There are bass singers who want sing tenor and altos who want to sing soprano. No amount of training will change your vocal classification.

  • RJ
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    3 weeks ago

    You are born with a natural vocal range, and all of the vocal exercises and training that you do will not enable you to sing any high notes that are not part of your natural vocal range.  It is possible for you to sing high C if you sing scales or arpeggios up to high C.  However, you will not be able to sing that high C or any higher notes without those notes becoming hit-or-miss notes.  

    I am a professional singer and a baritone.  I can easily sing high C with minimal warming up of my voice.  However, the high C that I am able to sing becomes a hit-or-miss note if I sing the note more than a dozen times within a half-hour time-frame.  I cannot reliably sing high C at any time that I want to.  As such, I am a baritone and not a tenor. 

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