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Concerned about newborns behavior?

My newborns chin was stuck according to the doctors when they were taking him out via c section for about 15 seconds. Could he have been oxygen deprived from that and gotten cerebral palsy? He has weird behaviors like he looks like he is stretching a lot like extending his legs and arms, he sometimes (not always) arches his back when you pick him up and moves his head away from yours but only lasts maybe 3 seconds then he relaxes in my arms, he makes crying faces in his sleep sometimes but not actually cries and idk what else but just some of the strange things I have noticed? How early in development will we be able to tell if he has a disorder and is that considered malpractice that they didn't get him out right away? I am a first time mom so I am really worried about him always. He had to undergo phototherapy for high levels of bilirubin which started my worries. 

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    I would guess that the umbilical cord was still attached while the doctors were taking the baby out - so at the point that the baby was "stuck" - the umbilical cord would have still been the baby's source for oxygen.  Even if the baby had tried to take an actual breath at this point, the cord being attached means that the baby did not have a lack of good oxygen supply coming from you.  The cord would not be cut until the baby was completely out.

    Use your phone to record these behaviors and discuss them with your doctor.  Having visual evidence of what the baby is doing will help your doctor understand what you are concerned about.  It can also help the doctor determine if the behavior is within the normal range of a baby learning how their body works when they have more room to stretch or if the behavior indicates something that should be tested for.

    Honestly - you have not described anything that I didn't see when my daughters were babies.  The baby stretches and moves in unusual ways at times just because they are learning how to control their muscles.  You usually don't need to worry about things during the first two or three months while the baby is still developing muscle and nerve coordination.  At about the six month point - if there is a problem - you will notice  your baby starting to fall behind on certain milestones for things like holding their head up and sitting up.  (Holding their head up should begin at around four months and be strong by six months.  Sitting up assisted begins around four months and is usually mastered as unassisted at around seven or eight months.)

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    Is his doctor concerned?  Surely you had him checked and then called the doctor with your concerns rather than go online to ask random strangers first.   When you did, did the doctor explain that you're describing perfectly normal newborn behavior?

    Also, how would that possibly qualify as malpractice??  If your baby was stuck, how did you expect them to get him out right away?  Yank really hard and break his spine?  Rip his head off?  

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    Hold your breath for 15 seconds.

    No brain damage, right?

    Your baby is fine.

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    Malpractice how? Did the doctor go on a coffee break instead of dealing with it when your baby's chin got stuck? I would really hate being a doctor in this time, with people crying 'malpractice' any time something even the slightest bit unforeseen happens.

    When this happened, your baby was still getting oxygen from the placenta. And honestly I don't see anything out of the ordinary in what you tell us about your baby. Stretching, arching etc. is what newborns do. They are just learning to use their body, and after having been confined in the womb it's no wonder there's a lot of stretching involved.

    Of course if you're worried, talk to your baby's pediatrician when you take him for his next check-up. If only for reassurance. 

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    As a nurse, I want you to know that your baby was still getting oxygen through the placenta and cord.  His behavior is strange to you as a first time mother...  but we all do it.  

    Don't waste your time here on Y/A, there're no professionals.  Call your doctor and talk to the nurse...  I always talked with the nurse and go with what she recommends.

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    The baby was still getting oxygen through his umbilical cord/blood during the delivery. Fifteen seconds isn't anything to worry about. You sound like a good, caring mother, but don't stress about small things. Stretching and arching are normal infant behaviors.  Make a list of things to discuss with your pediatrician on your next visit. Write down any questions you have and show them to the doctor.

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    i would just talk to your doctor about it

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