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Hi I’m 21 year old and just gave birth to my first baby girl three and a half’s months ago but me and my partner currently live with my parents..we have a biggish bedroom and we have decorated it to suit baby’s needs however eventually we will need to move out but I’ve always had a fear of being on my own at night and my boyfriend works till 10 and is not home till sometimes 11.. this isn’t just a mild fear it’s really bad I get panic attacks and I know I Wouldn’t cope with just me and baby I really don’t know what to do he loves his job so won’t leave it so I’m dreading moving out so bad feeling like it could break us:( 

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  • 1 month ago

    Talk to him about it. You just need to go out and meet new friends who have babies and then you could have play dates and wont feel so alone during the day,

    It is tough being a parent - CBD oil is good for anxiety but wont get you high

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  • Pippin
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    1 month ago

    Have you not been able to get any help from the therapist you've been seeing regularly?  Or your medication?

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