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What is the will to power? Compare and contrast the will to power in the Ubermensch (Overhuman) to other modalities of the will to power.?

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    Nietzsche: will to power ~ = will to empowerment, or self-realization (might makes right Overman models: da Vinci, Goethe). Maslow's research confirms this intuition:'s_hierarchy_o...

    Schopenhauer power: the Force is with us, is us, and is the strong, silent type. Might is right.

    Adler power: how the non-self-realizing ego tends to compensate for non-self-actualization.

    Foucault power: rage against the machine and much else; relates to the basic sociological-political science perspective that, in interpersonal relationships, power = ability to control others; cf Daniel Estulin's "Tavistock Institute."

    Machiavelli: power is godless success, ends justify the means.

    Sun Tzu: Machiavelli "with Chinese characteristics".

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    This is Nietzsche's interpretation of Schopenhauer's "The world is organized and directed by the will."

    Compare with

    "The world is shaped by two conflicting forces - the will and imagination."

    - author unknown

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    The will to power is rather like trying to get others to perform tasks you don't want to do yourself

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    Nope. You contrast and compare it, which is what your professor expects. You're exemplifying an Untermensch by trying to cheat instead of doing your schoolwork yourself. Nietzsche would agree. 


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