Quitting CNA training?

Hello all,

I really wanted to make a new career move quick. My employer pays for Cna training so I decided to do that first since it's only one month. Boy what a surprise. I've been doing the Cna training for 3 and a half weeks now. All A's in my exams. But last week we started clinicals. I hate it and dread it. We're there at 7am for 6 hours a day with no breaks. Today is the third clinical and I pretty much want to quit. On top of it the Clinical Nurse teacher is so mean to me and only certain students. I come 1 min late and she's cursing at me. But 2 of her favorite students come 40 mins late and she just starts chatting on how their weeks been. She's always rushing me and when there's nothing for me to do because I finished it she makes me walk around the nursing home hallways. While I see the same girls just sitting and hanging out in dining room. She time's me in everything. Gives me like 2 mins to make a bed. I got dizzy and was feeling like I was about to faint. I asked her if we could please be aloud to eat something and she got mad. She said if I want a break it can only be for 5 mins outside in the front of building. It's 25 degree weather in my area. Am I wrong for feeling this way? My main goal is to be a Clinical Medical assistant/Medical administrative assistant. I only picked Cna because my Ma program doesn't start till January. My sister also pushed me for Cna because she's a nurse. But I do not enjoy it. I'd rather work in a doctor's office. 

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  • :)
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    9 months ago

    This is sort of a rant which is OKAY, but it is a sign that you have bottled up feelings that need to be vocalized to the program directors. But you’ll always have mean teachers anywhere you go, even on the job. It sucks but you need to persevere sometimes.

    CNA is quick money, but you are honestly underpaid for everything you do. That $11-$16 an hour is nothing compared to how physically demanding the job is.

    Honeslty, many of what you described is normal/not that bad. 6 hour clinicals are a DREAM. RN students actually have clinicals for 8-12 hours, so 6 hours is a dream. It’s normal to feel lost in clinical, and maybe even dread it. You’re new to this whole experience, and nursing homes may not be for you. You can be a CNA on a medical surgical unit, or other units such as L&D, pediatrics, etc.

  • Judy
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    9 months ago

    Why not stick it out, since you're so close to finishing, and get the CNA? good luck.

  • 9 months ago

    Here's the thing... you only have a handful of days left.  Just deal with it.

    If you get a job and it's the same as the training, you can quit or go back to your current job (or leave the place altogether). 

    No I don't think you are wrong for feeling this way.  I think you are short sighted to make you quit when you are so close to the finish line. You also need to stop worrying about what the others do.  You know you shouldn't have been 1 minute late. 

    And why she only treats you like this, we don't know... but we can hope that it's because of something positive like she sees potential in you and the others she knows won't make it. 

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