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What is the best way to read and study textbooks?

I'm majoring in accounting. Textbooks for some of my classes, such as those involving learning different types of software are easy to learn, as they require working along with the software step by step, plus they are on e-books, which is much easier to find key parts when needing to look back over them.

My accounting class is different, they us an actual textbook, trying to sit and read through the chapter, before long, I'm just reading but not actually remembering it, even if I'm using a highlighter or taking notes. Accounting requires alot of attention to detail.

I've heard some people say to read a chapter back to front, to find what is most important to learn. Others say that is bad. Is there an ideal way to go through each chapter to best learn what's in it?

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    Plan to take breaks if you get distracted, accounting can be extremely dense...

    • S10Sleeper4 weeks agoReport

      currently I've been setting a timer on my phone for 40 minutes, then I allow a 20 minute break.  If I'm doing ok, I continue, knowing I can stop if I need to for a break. Problem I have is doing assignments, I still have to flip back to pages, I can't remember it all, probably normal for anyone

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    whatever works for you*. "attention to detail" is in our job description - accountant ... * maybe writing out the whole chapter longhand would impress the information on your brain. And work many problems to learn.

  • Don G
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    Read the chapter and then try to solve every given problem.

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