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Do people realize how cheating affects their partners? ?

I texted him to get romaine lettuce on his way back home he texted back with K. I then followed with oh I ran out of oil get me a 1$ bottle. Because I was still cooking so I needed it. then 30mins later I was updating our virtual shopping list on google home. I added mayo. Mind you he went to the store bought mayo lettuce and other things. He comes in I ask for the oil he said he saw that on the list but didn’t know which one I wanted. The shopping list is usually done on Saturdays so Mayo wasn’t needed until then. But I needed the oil which is why I texted. He claims he received the text for oil after putting the phone in his pocket. And then he checked the list later which is why he got the mayo. But the oil was also on the shopping list. He said he didn’t see the text when he took his phone to check the list. Then I empty the bags I realized he ate food already since he forgot to remove some of the food residue. I asked he said he needed a snack because he was hungry. I know he has been seeing someone else and I’m going to file for divorce soon. But why bother stand in front of me and the kids and lie like this? When it’s very clear that you are lying. “I forgot” was better than this excuse. When he so calls works late and tells me ahead of time I know he is going there. Now he is sitting forcing himself to eat to prove a point. it’s not like I’m going to bite him if he says he forgot. Why don’t cheaters stay with cheaters like them? 

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    LOL.. off your meds again?

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    This long text has nothing whatsoever to do with cheating.  Your statement "I KNOW he has been seeing someone else" is fine as far as it goes.  But the list has nothing to do with that. I can't know if he has been cheating or not.  And I certainly can't see anything in your description which touches on how actual cheating affects you.

    The BELIEF in the cheating is what is affecting you. 

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    "But why bother stand in front of me and the kids and lie like this?"

    Because being honest will unleash hell. Cheaters hide becuase if they get caught, then a huge confrontation will happen, then a divorce will be very nasty, pricey, and can take a long process to resolve. It's also humiliating to the reputation if his friends, family, and coworkers find out he's splitting up due to his adultery. Then the custody battle will most likely damage his wallet with child support. He's willing to risk everything.

     If a partner/spouse is able to cheat, then then what makes you think they care much about the feelings of the person they should be faithful to? If they are able to cheat, they are able to be selfish. They can't be trusted, and all they care for is their own gain.It really sucks, but people like him make it harder to trust and even bother with relationships.

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    "But why bother stand in front of me and the kids and lie like this? "

    Uh, seriously?  You decided to engage in a pissing contest in front of your kids and you're blaming HIM?!   What is wrong with you?   Before you get this divorce, be sure to google and learn about the things divorced parents do that can really harm their kids.  This is one of them.

    Also, I don't get the connected between your ever-changing grocery list and his cheating.   If it's about catching him in a lie, so what?  You're divorcing him for much bigger crimes.

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      Which is not really work because I know this I followed him before 

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