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Jamal is making a snack mix that contains only pretzels and nuts. For every ounce of nuts,

he will use 2 ounces of pretzels. How many ounces of pretzels and how many ounces of nuts

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    There's not enough info here, as there must be more to it to solve.

    Without further information, there are infinite answers.  All we know is that 

    p = 2n 

    where p = ounces of pretzels

    and n = ounces of nuts

    So, for example, there could be:

    4 ounces nuts, 8 ounces pretzels

    or 5 oz. nuts and 10 pretzels

    or 20 oz nuts and 40 pretzels

    see . . . need more info to get another equation.

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