is it too late?

i have severe ocd and depression... from the ages 15-24 i religiously obsessed over disinfectant spray and disinfectant wipes (mostly clorox)... i would spend at least 4 hours a day in my small apartment spraying and cleaning everything with no ventilation or mask... i even used the wipes directly on my skin.. i would use a whole spray bottle in my car with the doors closed and wouldn't stop until everything was saturated.. i would go through at least 1 spray bottle and 2 containers of wipes a day.. i know NOW that this is HORRIBLE.. but in my head i was keeping myself and people around me safe and healthy.. i recently learned about the toxicity and damage that these products can have and i'm just wondering: do you think i have done permanent damage to my body and it is too late to recover? have i shaved years off of my life and could i already have cancer?? i am so very depressed about what i have done to my body.. i cry daily thinking about how i poisoned the body and life god gave me..😞😞 i know there is no way to know for sure... but could someone please tell me if there is some hope that i can recover and live a long, happy life? i can't stop thinking about what i've done.... 


forgot to say i am a 25 year old female.. my dr says my immune system is very weak and i always seem to catch weird viruses

Update 2:

please don't answer if you don't have any medical knowledge..

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Disinfecting wipes don't have any long term toxicity.  They do their thing and degrade quickly.  Same is true of hand sanitizer.  I believe the only reason your immune system is compromised is all your worrying.  You are making yourself sick wondering if you are sick.  If I could wave a magic wand and remove your anxiety, I suspect your immune system would be back to 100% in a month.  But nobody has that sort of magic wand.  Eat well, get exercise, take a multi-vitamin and a probiotic.

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