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Why do doctors today place the well being of a baby so far over the mother? ?

I’m not looking for some fight over abortion, I’m talking about during delivery. I went into my first pregnancy absolutely fine with every focus being placed on my newborn instead of me, but it’s different now that I’m a toddler’s mother. I mean, I don’t care if it sounds selfish, my life should 100% come before my unborn child this time around. I mean, is it like this in other countries as well? Or just in the US? Because I honestly don’t feel like I’m anything other than a vessel. Like my life is irrelevant to doctors as long as the baby is fine. It’s a little terrifying. 

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    This is a known problem within American medicine:

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    The mother's life is NEVER irrelevant to doctors in the US - I don't know where you get that idea. In a difficult delivery, doctors can usually save the mother and the baby; but, if push comes to shove, they'll always focus on saving the life of the mother.

    Source(s): Brother-in-law is an OB/GYN
  • According to my mother who is a doctor, the mother's life must be put first, unless if requested that the child's life must be put first.

    Firstly, if the mother dies, the baby will not have the precise amount of nutrients that they might need (they drink as much as they need). Secondly, the baby can be 'fixed' if they were to face abnormalities, compared to the mother, whose life cannot be restored when dead. Last but not least (which doesn't apply to when the baby survives), the mother is always able to make more children if unable to and has an existing life they are responsible for.

    Significantly, both lives should 100% come first, but if put in a weighing scale (where both lives are at risk), the mother's life is to be prioritized over the child, unless, again, they request for the child's life instead--and it is a very common decision to request for the prioritization of the child's life instead.

    (I personally think it should be the child's life that must be prioritized, but I as a child cannot overpower the personal judgement of a doctor)

    Also we live in Canada but my mom is from the Philippines, so I don't know if there are differences.

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    A kid is a new life, you aren't.  Easy decision.

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    Women have been giving birth for a long time, It's a known fact that most women can handle it and come out alive and healthy. Doctors will expect the lady is fine, or overreacting, unless there's a noticeable problem. Many things can go wrong with the baby and the new born life, they are very delicate and can't do things alone.

    Could you give some more specific information? Like example of why you feel that way.

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      That makes sense. Though I would assume the mother to be would find a doctor she was comfortable with. If her doctor is ignoring obvious signs, or refusing to do anything to help or check if the mother was ok, then they really shouldn't be trusted there.

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