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My ex boyfriend gave me an std? ?

My ex bf gave me an std and I am like shock but wow. I been messing around with this guy since May, June of this year. We broken up in October. I just fought out that I got Trichomoniasis and I on antibiotics right now. First, I thought it was a yeast infection then I was like ok I have a BV and it wasn’t they did a urine culture test and I had an std. I was having burning urine  and was itching badly. Now, I’m just burning down there. My doctor to tell him to call him I was like he gave this to me. I don’t have sex if I’m only with that guy that’s not who I am. My sister called him and told him that you gave my sister trich and that you need to go to the doctor. He goes on and say that he didn’t know and that he wasn’t messing around with another girl. He stop having sex in September. So, he had to have it without any symptoms or he had it May or he was cheating on me. He was like ohh I’m going to call the girl because I KNOW like who is she she spreading that **** around. Then he lied and say I wasn’t messing around within a year. But he is a liar and nasty. But like when guys look at me or try to talk to me I didn’t want to talk to anybody or have sex with no one because you don’t know what these people have I’m scared to have sex when it clears up. You have to wait until 21 days to have sex and go back to the doctor and make sure that it is gone. He never showed me signs that he had it or anything when he got done with sex in was in the bathroom for a while. 


He keep on saying he didn’t know and that he was sorry and he don’t want any problems... dude really 

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    Why did your sister call the boyfriend and start accusing him of giving you an STD? You could have had it all along or he could have and passed it to you. But what does it matter, really?

    You were the one who should have called the boyfriend to tell him, not your sister. Honestly, that's screwed up

  • Linda
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    He gave you an STD and he is a bad dude.

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