What kind of material will I need to get my GED in 2019?

I know there are new rules to math, I'm trying to turn my IEP into a GED. At 33 years old I found my focus :(

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    Get a GED study guide on amazon. Make sure it is the latest edition.

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    The other respondent made a good suggestion of getting a study guide for the GED (general educational development) test.  Either amazon or the local book store may have a study guide(s).  Amazon may have reviews posted by former customers as well.

    Some publishers that may be considered reputable include Barron's, McGraw-Hill, and/or Kaplan.

    Please also consider taking GED classes, such as through the local community college or "county" public vo-tech school.  Other students in the class may ask questions that one hasn't thought of or was too timid to ask himself or herself.

    The "official" GED website has more general info and Top FAQs, which includes "test fraud":


    This website has more general career info:

    https://www.bls.gov/ooh/ and can type into search for whichever career that piques one's interest.

    For U.S. community colleges:


    You'd mentioned having an IEP (individualized education plan), so I'm presuming that you were "classified" (such as with a learning or emotional disability) by the Child Study Team back in high school (or beforehand).  If so (and/or if having documentation of a disability), you may qualify for "reasonable accommodations," which is according the the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.  

    The testing center will most likely require medical documentation of the need for testing accommodations, for instance. such as getting longer time on tests and/or a separate room for exams (usually with a test proctor).

    This government site has more general info re: the ADA:


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    Your local community college will offer testing dates and times and even study groups.

    Sometimes the library does this but, its worth your effort.

    Plus its not to latt to get a focuse, develop goals with dates and get funding and go to a tech school to learn a trade.

    I know someone who got their GED at 27 and actually started volunteering to tutor.

    This woukd be a self esteem builder too so do it.

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