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do the french ever roll the tongue along with the throat with certain words containing the letter R.?

For example " Fevrier" seems to sound like a tongue roll along with the throat, but maybe that's just the AI translation of Duolingo and google translator. Je ne sais pas!


I just checked forvo . com for a pronunciation of "Fevrier" and it does indeed sound like the tongue is involved. it doesn't have the same throat pronunciation involved like Tres or Mercredi

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    No. We don't roll the R in France. But for sure in Spain they do it. I live close this country.

    About Duolingo, maybe they asked a non native speaker to pronounce it. I checked on google with the word ' Février ' and from me ( native French), the R is not rolled.

    • Catherine
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      Thanks for the best answer. For your add about pronounce : Très, Mercredi, we use our tongue with the same way than for Février, or any other word. Like said Chi Girl, the French R is pronounced in the throat and always in French.

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    No.  The French R is pronounced in the throat rather than the tongue flapping in the front of the mouth as in Spanish.

  • Zirp
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    if in doubt, consult https://forvo.com/search/Fevrier

    It has native pronunciations, and usually several of the same word

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