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Toronto FC is a Super Team?

I know in most sports a Super Team is referred to a team with a loaded star studded expensive roster. Like Real Madrid or Barcelona. However, many people started referring the Toronto FC as a super team. It started a couple of years ago, when they really took off.

But in my view. How can you be a super team in the MLS, where all your stars are basically role players in other major leagues. Toronto FC has done a great job the last few years, but calling them a super team because they collected all those cast offs from bigger leagues, really shows how weak the MLS really is. They are worst level of talent then say the minor leagues for Major League Baseball. The MLS is like the G-League for the NBA.

Anyway. is Toronto FC true my a Super Team?..... can anyone truly be a super team in the MLS?

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    It's all relative as you point out.  They are big spenders for MLS, but MLS is not a top league in the world.  

    As for their actual spending, they only spend about 11% more than the next club.  That's not outrageous.  Also 75% of their payroll goes to 3 players this last year!  Bradley $6.5m, Altidore 6.3m, Melero $3.8m.

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