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Linda asked in PetsCats · 3 weeks ago

Do cats know when another cat in the home died?

I had two cats from the same litter which turned 13 this year. One was put to sleep today because she had gotten sick. The other one is doing well. She is laying next to me purring and looking at me now which is unusual for her to lay by me at all. Has anybody experienced this if you had two cats and one died? Please no comments about cooking my cat and making stew out of her like I received in the past. Only decent answers.

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Linda, I'm so sorry for your loss.  Some cats know when their housemates are gone and react to it, others don't. I've had cats that mourned their housemates immediately, others it took a few days before they realized their buddy was gone, and others have been unaffected.   If your other  cat was sick for a while, your little girl might have already sensed she would be heading to the rainbow bridge.   If the cats were close, it is likely she senses something, but I'd say she's tuning into your sorrow and trying to comfort you.

  • Eva
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    3 weeks ago

    They do know. She probably realized her sibling was sick. She is lonely and will want more attention from you.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    We had 2 family cats. They liked each other, and played together a lot. Then one of them went away because of a severe flea infestation. The remaining cat kind of acted like he was depressed, having lost a playmate.

  • TedEx
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    3 weeks ago

    Yes They know They know

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  • PR
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    3 weeks ago

    If you kept the body (to bury it for example), you can allow the other kitty to smell the body. They know what this means and he will understand better. If the kitty was put to sleep in a towel or cloth, you could also allow him to smell this.

    Otherwise, he will eventually understand that his sibling is not there. He may also sense your sadness or loss and this may be partly why he is sticking closer to you. After that, if he seems a bit sad, he may either bond more with you, or want another kitty buddy for a friend. 

    Sorry for your loss.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes, the remaining cat knows that her lifelong buddy is missing. And she's worried and staying close to you so she will know where YOU are.

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