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are blisters on your lips always herpes?

i’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year and this just happened today! I have a blister on the corner of my mouth and it didn’t hurt or anything , i could kind of feel it (that’s how i noticed it) but it wasn’t painful or anything. I have a feeling it isn’t herpes bc if it was i would’ve gotten it from him, and we’ve been together for over a year and this is the first time this has happened. i’m hoping it isn’t herpes but can someone help me out ?! It’s just ONE blister, not a cluster.


it also isnt painful or anything. 

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    It could be oral herpes... you can get it from anyone if you come into contact with the virus.

  • You can get herpes during child hood by being innocently kissed by a close friend or family member that has cold sores. It's not always passed on by a significant other. Cold sores are caused by oral herpes. Usually they itch, burn and or tingle just before a break out occurs during a break out. Some people can have minor break outs with out having a lot of symptoms or big blisters. It doesn't sound like herpes to me and I have it. If you're concerned about this being herpes you should see a doctor and get it checked out.

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