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Whats the best rifle for deer/big game hunting?

My local conservation officer told me that there was quite a variety of guns to use for hunting deer, bear, and elk, but he said that the best multipurpose rifle to use was a .22 short. He said that it was great because it had just enough to kill animals with a head shot. He also said that it was good because it is quiet, so other hunters and conservation officer won't hear you take the animal. Do you have any tips based on experience?


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Update 2:

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    Yawn, don't you get tired of showing off how dumb your are? Fine, do it, but do not go claim a game warden or conservation officer is equally dumb. There is no way they said a 22 short.

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      Maybe not, but you two are very much alike in that you are BOTH childish, annoying, attention-seeking trolls who post irrelevant garbage to clutter up a forum intended for people who share an interest in their hobby.  Not something of which to be proud..

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    A .22 is capable of producing lethal shots if the shot is to the head -- provided that the bullet penetrates.

    I don't know what the conservation officer was saying to you, but first of all, a .22 rimfire is almost certainly illegal in all national jurisdictions for hunting larger game.  Second, not many hunters take head shots on animals.  That is more common in the event of preventing a large animal from attacking someone.

    Your choice of rifle is going to depend on what you actually intend to hunt and the environment in which you are hunting.  You need to make realistic decisions because if deer is about all you intend to hunt, there isn't much reason for a belted magnum rifle, for instance.  You can't go wrong with a .30-06 or a .308 for a good, general purpose caliber for hunting larger game.  But again, try to realistically assess what you might actually hunt first, then buy the appropriate rifle.

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    You almost make me feel sorry for you, going through life this angry, over nothing, you let the hunting section live in your head rent free for over a year. 

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    A 22 short is an extremely small round.  It was designed for self defense and is common in many small revolvers and derringers.  Some starter pistols will fire 22 short.  Absolutely no one hunts anything with a 22 short.  Perhaps your conservation officer said "220 swift".  That's a round that can exceed 4,000 feet per second and kill most anything with a head shot, though I still wouldn't recommend it for a bear.  The .270 round is the most commonly used round for deer hunting.  It's a little under-powered for elk and larger animals.  For elk, bear and large animals you will want to use a 30 caliber round (30.06, 300 Savage, 300 Weatherby Magnum, etc.). 

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