He cancel his meeting to stay with me at the hospital. Does he like me?

I’ve been hanging out with guy for awhile and after couple month just hanging out with him and with friends I started to have feeling for him. He would ask me to have dinner, watch some play and movie. There’s also one time when I got hurt and he found out, he got worried and told me to go to the hospital and he did took me. Although he said that he has a meeting and I said ok but then when we got to the hospital he stayed with me and cancel his meeting just to wait for me.

He call me and apologize if he said something mean to me because he feel bad although I know it’s just a joke. He’s been asking me about my family and my past and he also know that I’m moving in 4 months and he said he can’t wait when we got to my country. 

We will not be seeing each other for awhile but it seems that he still want to keep in touch.

I’m confused since he hasn’t made the move but he’s giving the hint that he likes me. 

So does he like me romantically or just friend?

Also he’s 10 year older than me. He also said that he loved being around me and he can be himself.

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