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weird bump on ear piercing !?

i pierced my ear atleast two months ago and there was so problems apart from swelling. i did it myself, stupidly enough. recently this weird bump has appeared on the actual piercing. it shows from the front and back of my ear and is purple. it feels pointy and does not cause any kind of pain. ive only just noticed this so i don’t think it’s been there too long :)


also, i did some research and someone said to squeeze it and see if anything comes out. nothing happened apart from its a bit torn and a tiny bit of blood came out, it still doesn’t hurt.

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  • Laura
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    3 weeks ago

    Its most likely a keloid.  Keloids are overgrowth of scar tissue. 

    You can't do anything about it, other than get it surgically removed by your doctor.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I have this on the piercings I did myself too! If you aren’t feeling any pain it’s likely harmless scar tissue. I’ve heard massaging it from time to time can help it to break down, but I haven’t personally noticed significant differences. Part of the reason it’s better to go to the professionals is that proper piercing guns (NOT the nonsense at claire’s) will actually take a small amount of the flesh out, rather than forcing something through, which reduces the risk of this happening. 

    Source(s): I have 8 piercings
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