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Health related ADULT umbilical vein found ? ?

I had a CT scan on my stomach and whilst doing it they found a large fast amount of blood passing through my umbilical vein.

I have been referred to gastro.

I know this vein in normally classed about 1 week of age. So how is mine open? It is comman? Should I be worried. Thank you 

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    This all seems pretty strange - like something might have got lost in translation.

    The umbilical vein isn't attached to anything on one side after birth since it is literally tied off, but blood might flow into an abnormal remnant of the vein. The remnant is called Baumgarten's recess. 

    This might not be correct but i believe that when Baumgartens recess is present and has flowing blood, it is likely to be caused by hypertension in the liver.   Hypertension in the liver is a symptom of cirrhosis or some other situation where blood flow through the liver is reduced by some type of blockage or constriction. 

    So, if any of this is correct, the referral to a gastroenterologist may be a follow up to evaluate your liver. 

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      I knew someone would say it's strange. The man performing the ultrasound looked so shocked. He told me he seems to vein 'come back to life' in alcoholics before they die ... (he genuinely did). 
      He asked me if I was a being sick (blood). I present so well it all seems scary. Thank you so much x

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    You've been referred to gastro, ask them these questions.  They're medical professionals, we're random strangers on the internet.

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      Yes but that takes a week before I even get an appointment date. Didn't think there was any harm asking for advice if anyone has had any experience in the subject 

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