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is it true that Scorpio is the zodiac sign most associated with introversion and "being a loner"? anti social etc? WHY?


why are Scorpios most like this?

I know that water signs and earth signs are more introverted than air and fire, but just as the one that most people would agree that THEY alone are the MOST introverted, and "loner types"..would that be mostly be related to the sign of Scorpio and Pluto? why this is?

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    Yes... also probably the most dangerous and the most sexual. Most of it is probably attributed to Pluto. Just how they are same as how Aries love fighting, Capricorn’s love money and hard work. Gemini’s love running their mouths etc

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      why  they are like that? why also they are the most dangerous? and most sexual?

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    Not sure, haven't met enough Scorpios to say but most are invisible to moi.

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