Nicorette Patch or Spray?

I’m trying to quit smoking but I don’t know which one NRT to use. I’ve quit using the spray before but this time even though I use the spray I want a cigarette if I do something after 20-30 minutes. I’m used to smoke literally all day to the point I get sick. Sometimes I get really sick. Nicotine for me is a way of putting up with life. My psychiatrist recommended to use the lowest possible Nicorette Patch as I am sensitive to nicotine and get hot flashes and paranoid from too much. But what I’m worried about is what if I use the patch and get a constant craving. What will I do? Because with the spray it’s easy. But when I use the spray I need too much of it to combat cravings and I get sick. Literally 2 weeks ago I almost went through nicotine poisoning from using the spray and smoking together. What should I do? I don’t want to quit cold turkey. Please if you answer explain why,

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    It does sound like you have been experiencing Nicotine Poisoning from the combined dose of the spray and the cigarettes.  I suggest using Nicotine patches alone for a continuous dose of Nicotine without the spikes in blood concentration.  If you are smoking a pack or more a day then start with the 21 mg patches and follow the instructions to step down to the 14 mg and then the 7.5 mg patches.  If you are smoking less than a pack a day then start with the 14 mg patches.  If you have health insurance then you might want to discuss quitting with your doctor.  The prescription price for the patches is far less than the over the counter patches.  I have quit several times over the last 40 years, and have only quit for any length of time using the patch.  I had quit for 10 years and started back the week before flying from the US to the UK to see a friend dying of cancer and then smoked for 8 more years before quitting again on January 18, 2019.  If you don't succeed the first time then keep trying, because it is worth it.

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      You might want to consider Chantix as an alternative to NRT.  Your psychiatrist can probably prescribe it for you.  I personally didn't it like it because it kept me awake but  it did work to eliminate any cravings.

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