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Could a squad of a dozen elite Mandolorian commando's led by Bobba Fett take out Darth Vader?

Jango and Obi-wan ended up in a tie and he was only one guy.

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    Jango and Obi-Wan ended up in a tie because Obi-Wan was trying to capture and question him, not kill him.

     When that was no longer the case, Mace Windu cut his head off.

    Boba wasn't much different.  After losing his blaster to a Jedi's lightsaber, he got knocked over the edge of the skiff by a mostly blind Han Solo and into the mouth of the Sarlacc.

    But to be clear - neither of the Fetts were actual Mandalorian warriors.  Though they did wear Mandalorian armor.  And in the Star Wars universe, actual Mandalorian warriors were trained specifically to fight Jedi - and had been reasonably successful at it.

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      Right - as I said, actual Mandalorian warriors might have been able to do it.  But Boba Fett wasn't one.  
      Nor would any of them who were have been willing to be led by someone who wasn't.

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    Probably yes that could

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