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Starbucks rehire??

I quit Starbucks earlier this year because my old store was a mess and the employees (girls) were even messier and always into it with the drama  but the main reason why I quit without a 2 weeks notice was because a shift manager thought it’d be cool to aggressively throw blender lids at me to clean them and almost hit me with one. I know I should’ve left a notice and that was my fault but anyways I have an interview this Friday and want to know what type of question they ask to ex Starbucks baristas and what exactly makes someone non rehire-able? I know Starbucks doesn’t really like non rehires But a good amount of people get rehires regardless. I was a pretty good barista learned a lot faster than most people who worked there according to my old SM got along with her always did what I was told never complained and don’t get complaints and only called out ones for a migraine I’d been having for a week(I think that’s a reasonable call out) 


Interview at a different location btw not the same store

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    I would probably explain why you left without giving a notice and how you know it probably still wasn't the right thing to do. Follow that up with you will be quick to train based on your experience and what you will do differently if you have any problems with management.

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    They have these things called computers...which maintain employee records and guess what...can be accessed from multiple locations.  Depending on the notes from your prior employment but without two weeks notice, I wouldnt expect to get this job.  

    Had you reported these actions to the store manager or regional manager when you quit (with or without notice) and they had a chance to investigate, you might have a shot.  

    Otherwise, you are simply a no-call, no-show, no-notice quitter in their eyes.  

    Try elsewhere.  If you are a decent barista, try another coffee shop.  

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    Maybe you could ask this a seventh time because there might be a couple people who didn't see it the other six times. 

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