hey,i wanted to ask * why do we dream*?

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    4 weeks ago
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    throughout the day, we push off and set aside errant thoughts we deem unnecessary or a waste of time.

    or, we may start thinking about something, and someone interrupts us and needs our attention, so we set aside those thoughts for later.

    but all these "ended thoughts" don't just disappear. they get shoved into our "subconscious" mind. the part of our mind where we are not actively thinking, but thoughts still get processed. after all, you cannot "unthink" something. your mind must file the thought somewhere, so your subconscious mind takes it.

    then, at night, when you are resting both your mind and body, your subconscious mind rallies some thoughts together, into a cohesive idea, and at the end of your sleep cycle (typically, even long dreams happen just a few minutes before you wake up) your subconscious introduced some of these thoughts to your semi-conscious mind, and arranges them on the fly as you react to them, and it reacts to your thoughts on the matter.

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    There are several theories as to why we dream. One is that dreams work hand in hand with sleep to help the brain sort through everything it collects during the waking hours. Your brain is met with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of inputs each day. ... Another theory is that dreams typically reflect our emotions.

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    Research it.

    Dreams generally are subconscious garbage airing out when you sleep. Some have been said to be prophetic.

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