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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 7 months ago

Physics lab?

Help needed, I've read all the material but I still don't know how to answer these questions.

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  • NCS
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    7 months ago
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    The second graph looks wonky, and there is a lot you haven't told us. For instance: is the length along the bottom the total length of the spring, or just the amount of stretch?

    Looking at the first graph, the slope F / x gives the spring constant k. The bottom corner appears to be (x, F) = (0.45m, 1.3N) and the top right corner appears to be (x, F) = (1.18m, 4.9N). Then

    k = (4.9-1.3)N / (1.18-0.45)m = 4.93 N/m

    From this we can find the length of the elastic band (which I think is important):

    F = kΔx

    and using the top right point again,

    4.9 N = 4.93N/m * Δx

    Δx = 0.994 m

    which suggests to me that the "spring" is

    1.18m - 0.99m = 0.19 m long

    So, for that point,

    Eelastic = ½k(Δx)² = ½*4.93N/m*(0.99m)² = 2.435 J

    and you are supposed to "prove" that this is equal to the change in GPE -- m*g*Δx.

    But you haven't given us the mass, either.

    Hopefully, this will get you moving along the path for solution. If so, please award Best Answer!

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