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Why do women behave like this? It is beyond infuriating?

Yes, I am sure that there are lots of men who behave like this, too - My ex-boyfriends in high school certainly did. I have just seen it more often in women. In fact, I've seen it in just about every women I've been friends with.

Just about every woman I've experienced (as a close friend) behaves incredibly passive-aggressively and I can't understand what the F she wants. 

If I don't automatically know what she's thinking, she will ignore me, repeatedly snub/shun me, and then b*tch about me to all of her other friends. 

Basically, she would be honest and direct about her issues with me to literally everyone except for me. The only time I would ever know how she feels is if I heard from one of her friends: "wow, _____ is very mad at you. You should _____ to make her feel better." 

I would normally give up on them after they started ignoring me, saying "I'm fine" when I ask what's up, but trash then me behind my back to everyone else. On that same note, she would do the same to other people then trash them to me. I would ask her if she told them how she felt, and she would say "there's no point".

I have noticed that a lot of men complain about the same thing when they get romantically involved with a girl. I am 25 now. Why do people STILL do this? What is even their motive? Why can't they just tell you what their f**king problem is? 


Do they even know what their problem is? Do they even know that they have a problem? Are they just feeling the effects of their emotional issues and blaming everyone else for them?

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  • Foofa
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    4 weeks ago

    If this is something you observe in all or even a majority of the people you know it might be time to ask yourself why you attract this type. Could be you don’t take a stand early in the relationship so people feel like they can get away with it.

  • Jerry
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    4 weeks ago

    It puzzles me too. My elderly aunt does it. She complained to me that nobody did anything for her recent milestone birthday. "Oh I got some cards and calls and presents and stuff, but I was hoping for a party." 

    "Did you tell anyone that you'd like a party? Let anyone know that you were longing for a birthday party?"


    People visit her home for the first time. If they light a cigarette she doesn't say anything. Even if they smoke several cigarettes she doesn't say anything. But as they're leaving she tells them off for smoking in her home.

    Go figure. Drives me bananas, but she's my aunt and I love her. 

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