How long can a person have cancer and not be detected by a doctor?

I had a lump under my arm since 2004 doctors all saw it and said it was from shaving.  It started growing over the years they still said it was just a lump I asked for a mammogram said I did not need it. I fought to get one and had a couple of one for 3 years every 6 months, nothing showed but was in my notes that there was a lump.  The next mammogram visit I refuse to leave and the Supervisor stated that it was a regular mammogram ordered and the doctor would have to order a diagnostic mammogram I did not leave and he ordered it himself.  I went home just to get a call to schedule a biopsy the next day after the lab results I was schedule for surgery within 4 days because of the weekend trip I had plan.  After all of this I had Stage 3 cancer triple negative and some other things where I had lumpectomy done twice within two weeks.  I was stunned and no one could give me an answer why not a ultrasound or any other thing done.  I am fighting with the military which denied me disability for it because medical records says it was a breast lump not breast cancer and I need letters from the doctors saying otherwise.  I have no way of contacting the doctors.   I need some resource saying cancer can be in your body for more then weeks, months or years and if I am crazy to say it was there as long as 2004 until surgery 2013.  Any resources so I can have it in writing to seen to the VA, without it I am at ground level... Thanks 

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    Contact the pathologists that did the biopsy.  They can describe the average growth rate for the type of cancer cells they found in the biopsy, and draw a conclusion on when the cancer might have started. 

    Another line of evidence if available are previous mammograms.  If the tumors are in the same locations as the "lumps" previously identified, then it s pretty obvious that the lumps were misdiagnosed.   Maybe you can get some previous mammograms and have one of your present doctors look them over?   You have legal access to all of your medical records and docs are required to keep the records for a certain number of years. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You'll be dead by tomorrow

    • Sonja3 weeks agoReport

      anonymous i am glad your prediction is wrong... hoping you are alive and can read my text.....

  • LAN
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    3 weeks ago

    Why is it that idiots keep positing this kind of obvious lie over and over?

    The reason it's obviously a lie is that you are ranting about it here rather than seeing a lawyer about it.  

    You aren't competent enough to challenge a doctor's opinion.  If you really had been worried that whole time then why didn't you go get a 2nd opinion from another doctor.  If it had been cancer that whole time you would already be dead.   Sounds more like you are making up a story or at least leaving out a lot of key facts.

    What "resources " do you think that anyone here could come up with that you couldn't by yourself?

  • 3 weeks ago

    Just because the lump is cancerous now doesn't mean it was then.

    • Sonja3 weeks agoReport

      hoping you are a oncologist or super intelligent and research this because it can be a slow cancerous cell or rapid cell growth.... read how some cancer pateents live years and some last months no matter what stage they are in and alot of them the cancer comes back more then once  how is that genius

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