what kind of garments did monks in the middle ages wear?

was it just mainly robes?  specifically monks in england and europe in the middle ages/medieval period.

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    4 weeks ago
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    Did you "Google" monks, monastic clothing, monk's habit, and middle ages or medieval?

    You can add Benedictines, Carthusians, and Monastic orders to the above.  I am not a Catholic, so I don't know all the names of the monastic orders.

    Below is the catalogue info of two books one about monks and the other about clothing in the Middle Ages. Your library might have them, or others under the same Library of Congress Subject Headings and Dewey Decimal numbers.  Ask your reference librarian for help too.

    There may be pictures in books about medieval art, about the Middle Ages in various countries, about the "Crusades" to the Middle East and the monastic crusader-knights (the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitlar [the Knights of St John]  Different orders - Different habits.

    I don't know exactly what they wore under their habits.  They may have worn braes or trews (the 'underpants' on Christ on Catholic crucifixes) You can look up which word is the correct one. Some may have worn a shirt woven from horsehair (scratchy) Look up hairshirt.

    • i didn't google it, i was just interested to know about it hear as a point of interest, thankyou for answering and providing the link, regards.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Monks wore very loose clothing, usually a tunic ( an undergarment of linen) , with a robe over that, and a hooded cloak over the robe. Monks got two garments a year, one for summer wear and the other for winter wear.

  • Ludwig
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    4 weeks ago

    Black ones

    Grey ones

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