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Could it be a public secret? The main reasons for most people to have hard disk drives which is over 1TB are for piracy purpose basically?

Or else most people simple do not need hard disk drives capicity like 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB

Could they be mostly to be used for pirate movies, musics, games, TV shows, TV series and many other like these

Especially the higher the picture quality, from full hd 1080p to 4k, the higher the capicity of a hard disks drive which requires

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    Honestly, the golden age of pirating movies is pretty much over.  Streaming services are constantly getting more and better content, and the modest price tag on them means that the days of endlessly visiting torrent sites to get shitty, camcorder-shot movies in the wrong language are thankfully at an end.

    The only immediate reason I could see for purchasing a large-capacity hard drive (2TB+) would be for video editing, or for high-resolution photography on a large scale.  Even then, a cloud storage option is often a smarter and safer bet.

    Other than that, people buy large hard drives because they aren't significantly more expensive than, say, a 1TB.  People may feel that buying more storage than they need is a form of future-proofing, as operating systems, software, and video and photo resolutions will no doubt continue to climb.  Lastly, it could simply be for bragging rights.  Most of the people I know with large hard drives are gamers that have bought "gaming computers," or have built their own high-performance computers for the purpose of gaming.

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    I keep warm 15TB of hard drives to backup all of my movies, etc.

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    You are clearly not a power user.   People with 4k cameras can easily fill it up with their home videos.  Not to mention some people take thousands of pictures they need to put somewhere.  All video games purchased these days must be installed on the hard drive.  Many of the most popular games are running at 300gb EACH.  Gamers need huge drives for just a handful of games.     People who pirate movies are not necessarily collecting them anymore.  Most stream them with fire sticks and android tv boxes.   

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    What a ridiculous thought. Thousands of people make home movies - edit student, small biz and even bigger films using a laptop. Even on some professional shoot, the editor may be on set, working on footage as it comes off the cameras. Baby Driver is a good example.

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