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Got convicted of a theft at 18?

I got convicted of a theft (stole a friends necklace) When I was 18 (2014) Never booked, just given a ticket. which I paid. I checked CCAP (my states public criminal record thing) and it doesn't show up any more but was on there originally. Why is it gone? ALSO I was charged with Retail theft a few years ago (did a stupid thing desperate for money...) got tickets was put in hand cuffs but never booked. It has NEVER shown up on my record. (ive worked retail since then) I haven't paid the entire amount as its $750 total. I have a warrant In the county it happened. WHY isn't this showing up and why has my previous theft disappeared. now only things on my record is traffic violations. State of Wisconsin if that helps any!

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    FLAT OUT LIE. You can't be given a ticket for theft.

    Try again when you can make of BS that is legally possible.

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