What if the solar system switched places with the Alrisha System in Pisces?

Hopefully the Zodiacs would stop being zodiac because they would be inside Pisces.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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  • Janet
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    4 weeks ago

    Our zodiac .. whether you are using the Scientific system, the Sidereal system used by Vedic astrology, or the Tropical system used by Western astrology ... all zodiacs relate to how things appear from where WE are in the universe.

    If we were located elsewhere in our solar system, none of the constellations we see would exist. The 12 signs are not actual constellations, except for the Scientific zodiac ... but rather, are directions in space. Directions in relation to being located on Earth.

    No one can be "inside" Pisces, because those stars that make up that constellation are not even CLOSE to each other .. they just appear close because of the angle at which we view them from.

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