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how can i stop the voice in my head saying this?

i have voices in my head (undiognosed but possible schitsophrenia and no treatment) and every christmas i get bombarded by it saying "something bad will happen if i dont get enough presents" and it drives me crazy. i dont care how much i get as we are poor as my parents have a low income and i am on long term disability benefit. i have never once been disapointed with what i get or how much i get, i dont expect to get much or anything expensive and i never do, i quite often find the cheepest gifts are the best anyway.

no matter what i do i cant stop it saying this. any tips on any mental exercises or or anything?


i am not medicated as it would react with what im on

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    Music. Play music: radio, records, YouTube. Sing. Hum. Find happiness in the joy of family, of wintry scenes, of family and friends, of the birth of Jesus, of charity and goodwill to the needy.

    You know that that voice is bombarding you with a lie. Ignore the lie. It is invalid and means nothing. Fill yourself with truth and joy.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    GO get help for your medical problems. There is great treatment out there as I have intense anxiety also at Christmas. Mine is if I don't see all the family something bad will happen. We got to the root issue which was trauma from being the only part of the family not to join in when I was a kid cause of problems my Mom and another relative were having. Thus it is left over trauma from being different as a kid. 

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    4 weeks ago

    GO get help for your medical problems. They will not get better and your life will just get worse. Please do it now before the voices start up again. You deserve to have some happiness in your life.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Therapy or counseling, unless you can afford a psychiatrist who can diagnose your condition and prescribe anti-psychotic medication for you.

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