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how would you respond to this?

a social worker who administers a community action program that offers emergency food, shelter, and clothing to people in need. About 30 percent of an agency’s budget comes from city funds. I was just informed that the mayor has ordered all agencies that receive city funds to verify that people that seek services are US citizens. The mayor announced in a press conference that the city can no longer afford to assist undocumented immigrants.

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  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago

    I'd say this Mayor has his/her priorities straight. I have no problem with private and religious organizations assisting illegals, but tax money should prioritize citizens.

  • John H
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    3 weeks ago

    First, I would ask "What city?"

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Sounds like common sense. If your children are hungry, you don't give your last $20 to some one who is from a 3rd world country (especially if they are illegals/criminals). If you did, you would be a sorry excuse for a parent!

  • 3 weeks ago

    – Letters to the editor of the city newspaper, publicizing the mayor's promulgation.  If it's widely known, community discussions will result.  Of course, it's possible that the community will largely agree with the mayor.  

    – Separation of the city funds and the other financial sources, with documentation that no city funds are used to help "undocumented aliens".  – If that's not legally possible, perhaps legal dissolution of your program and then reconstituting it into two separate programs, one using city funds to assist U.S. citizens only, and the other available to anyone in need.

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