What courses should I take in grade 11 if I want to go into Computer Science?

Im planning on taking academic English, AP Functions, AP Chem, AP Physics, computer science, religion and geography (I need to take this). This leaves me with 1 spot to fill. Any suggestions?


I decided that im probably gonna take psych as my eighth, thanks to everyone for their help

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    4 weeks ago
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    Take formal logic in a Philosophy department.   Logic is considered "the calculus of computer science" and it helps you eventually learn algorithms.

    This course isn't usually offered at high schools.  So go online a buy a textbook on Symbolic Logic.

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    4 weeks ago

    How I think, and behave is not like you! I push myself to learn as much as I can on my own, and I also have a college education. I don't think it would bring you any justice if you end up wanting to work with computers. I believe you don't have the right type of personality, and you are wasting your time trying to get a career in working with computers.

    What can you do with a degree in computer science?

    Common computer science careers include:

    IT consultant.

    Cyber security consultant.

    Information systems manager.

    Database administrator.

    Systems analyst.

    Games developer.

    Technical writer.

    What do you study in computer science?

    "Principal areas of study within Computer Science include artificial intelligence, computer systems and networks, security, database systems, human computer interaction, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering, bioinformatics and theory of computing."

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      And what other careers would you suggest then?

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    4 weeks ago


    You do realize that "Computer Sciences" is a worthless catch all.

    A set of courses that more properly belong in a Community College.

    I think you are wasting your education.

    Transfer to a TECH School, where your time and money can be more specifically aligned with a real and useful education.

    Have you considered Restaurant & Hotel management?

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      There are no tech schools where I live... also im not loaded with cash lol

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    Algebra II / Trigonometry / "math analysis" / statistics / probability

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  • martin
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    4 weeks ago

    Take computer engineering, even if you would prefer computer science as a college major later on. Other than that, take a math course.

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    AP Gym. It was great when I took it.

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    4 weeks ago

    Math - make sure you can take Calculus I in first semester Freshman year of college; maybe your "AP Functions" is a math class so you may be covered.

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    An easy class, I took a class that teaches PowerPoint and Word and had fun with it. Also psychology is interesting. But yeah maybe just take a class that a friend is taking tbh have fun.

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    Nice. Keep those AP classes going- they pay off big time. Look into a basic programming class or something related to what you are interested in

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      Yeah im trying to learn some programming on my own time

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