what determines laser power?

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    4 weeks ago

    voltage and amperage.

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    there are some links that might take you further

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    Not a computer hardware question.  It landed here under printers because of the word "laser" in the question.  Choose a category for where your question might go.  Probably Physics or Engineering would be good.

    I believe laser power output is determined by input power, efficiency, and the output frequency of the laser.  Those are generalities, and there may be more factors.

    Source(s): Laser optics designer for a large optics company producing CO2 or infrared laser and other types of lenses and mirrors. Optics designer of telescopes. Planetarium operator where a "Laserium" light show was used with a krypton 10KW input, 1W output laser was used. That was 35 years ago.
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