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Which moon is worse for a female...Scorpio, Leo or Taurus?

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    Leo is a masculine sign while scorpio and taurus both are deminine signs! Leo is an aggressive placement for the moon also cancer is ruled by the moon and cancer is neighbor of leo . Leo is a masculine sign ruled by the sun and in astrology the sun represent the masculine archetyoe while the moon represent the femininine archetype. Cancer is moon, Leo is sun

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    Out of these 3, Taurus Moon is definitely the best Moon sign for a woman to have. Leo Moon and Scorpio Moon are both horrible. Moon is in fall in Scorpio and it is naturally one of the worst placements one can have in a natal chart, especially for a woman. Leo Moon is the epitome of a feminist, tomboyish, masculine, bossy woman. Leo Moon is linked to infertility as well.

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      What about Aquarius moons. I hear they're bad to?

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    ALL Signs have the potential for both positive or negative expression

    To some extent, the inclination for pos. or neg, is shown by how the planet in that Sign (Moon, in this case) aspects any of the other planets.

    Red lines between Moon and another planet show a distance that creates inner discord, creating emotional (Moon) tension that brings out the negative side of that Sign/style for their emotions.

    Blue or green lines show a distance that creates an inner harmony, so that when they pursue the need of one planet, it helps the need of the other planet ... bringing out the positive expression of that Sign which their Moon is in.

    Conjunctions don't have lines, because the planets are no more than 8 degrees apart from each other. They are very very strong influences, and generally positive, but if one of those planets is a "malefic", there may be negative behaviors with that aspect.

    And it is very common for any planet to have both positive and negative aspects/interactions with other planets in the natal chart .. meaning that in some ways they work well with the energy/need, and in other ways/situations, they don't.

    Moon in Scorpio, well-aspected, is intensely loyal, there for you. They can forgive and tolerate your flaws as long as you do not deliberately betray them. Badly-aspected, their emotions are too strong for them to handle skillfully, so they are difficult to be with .. they over-react and get angry a lot.

    Scorpio is always about intensity, and this is either directly inward for self-mastery and effective action, or it is directed outwardly to try to make you change so they don't have to cope with their own emotions. It can go either way.

    Moon in Leo positive, is warm, cheerful, uplifting, generous, kind. Badly aspected, it wants to be the center of attention, is stubborn, and will never apologize. Here the need is for ego ... and the wise person understands that the greatest happiness comes from giving, not from receiving. So Leo is the Sign where we see how well (or not) the person understands this.

    Taurus is a stable Sign. Moon in Taurus is calm and supportive and you can be hugely upset yet they will be a huge source of comfort to you. Moon in Taurus doesn't like it when their emotions are changeable, so they are reliable and seek to always be kind and gently-pleasant. However, everyone gets upset, and sooner or later the pressure builds in Moon in Taurus and they explode. No everyday irritability of small-time anger. They explode, but it is brief and then you have months or even years before they get angry again.

    Of course, the better aspected Moon in Taurus is the less-often they get angry. And the less they hang onto the past and past hurts.

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    Aries, but out of those Scorpio.

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    Scorpio I guess

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    I would say Scorpio

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    Scorpio,because women with that moon are bad people and also very aggressive.

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