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Is there more than one Santa? I just found out he isn’t the only one who can do magic and other magicians exist?

Is there more than one santa, he was both in the mall and singing on a float in the Christmas parade last year at the same time?

I also heard that the Santa in the parade sounded different than the one that sang in grandmas nursing home?

More than one Santa would allow Santa to get gifts to everyone, because that would mean more than one sleigh,

Do other magicians like the one I saw in the school talent show help Santa do his job?

How many Santa’s are there? Which ones are real and which ones are fake? How many elves are there?

Do all Santa’s live at the North Pole?

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    Yes there are two in most families but sometimes more or less then that. There were two in my family until my Mom died and then just one. Luckily I knew the two Santa's were Mom and Dad buy the time she and my siblings died in the crash as I was 11. Santa, if you haven't figured it out, is Mom and Dad (some families their may be a grandparent as well or a step-parent or only 1 parent).

    I learned there was no Santa when I was 7 and I was a scared little boy Christmas Eve and my mother wanted to know what was wrong. I said "Santa might wake me up and I will get hurt" when my Mom said "what could Santa do to hurt you" and I said "He will borrow me, where do you think he got all the elves". Just then my Dad came in and said "better get to bed so Santa will come" and I apparently burst out crying at that point. 45 minutes later I threw up as I had gotten myself into a panic attack. My parents knew I was learning disabled, but before that night they did not know I was psychologically disturbed. I am now a single 38 year old man. For Halloween I dressed up as Santa Claus with a chain saw for an adult Halloween party my Dad and I went to at my uncle's farm. My Dad was Mrs. Clause and we were married. We won best costume at the party of 88 people. A few thought we were a couple till we took off our outfits and I was a 38 year old with a stutter and he a 77 year old man hard of hearing.

    So there is only 1 Santa. Ho Ho Ho, it is not Christmas yet but in a few weeks the holidays begin.

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    The stages of Santa Claus in your life:

    1. You believe in Santa Claus.

    2. You don't believe in Santa Claus.

    3. You are Santa Claus.

    4. You look like Santa Claus.

    (I read that somewhere a few years ago.)

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