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i'm so afraid of failing that i mentally and physically will not allow myself to study?

i have a lot of goals for my future, a good half of those goals revolve around academics, college, etc.

the other half revolves around art and creativity but i digress

anyways, for the academic part, i need to study really hard to maintain my gpa, also for sat's and AP exams, im online schooled so i have to self study for all of these things without the help of a teacher or guide, but  im so scared of failing and not understanding things and being dumb and not getting into my dream uni/achieving my artistic goals that i absolutely refuse to study or practice anything. 

i was studying math for a solid 14 minutes before my head started to hurt and i just rage quitted. 

its like i mentally and physically just cant even move my body. ive made a thousand detailed and specific practice routines, study routines, tried doing little a time, things little by little, working on time management, meditation, tried telling myself that its better to try and fail than not try and never know, but nothing is working.

my attention span is horrid, my self motivation, confidence, and productivity are non existence, and my obsessions over this makes it so much worse.

im so stressed out :( any tips?

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    "Fear nothing but fear itself", FDR. If you have already mentally THOUGHT about giving up, stop now, you're right. I read a quote somewhere that if your dreams don't scare you, then they're not big enough. It's okay to be scared. But channel that fear into focus and discipline. It's possible. I also was home-schooled, and have now have my BSN. I didn't learn **** form home-school, went to a community college and started from developmental courses in mostly math, and went all the way up to a 4.0 University graduate. 

    Combine your academics with something in art/creativity (you would be surprised, there's a lot of programs out there). 

    As far as studying goes, it's a habit. Develop a good attitude,  set up a quiet environment, minimize distractions, and set a realistic schedule. For example, dedicate every 1-2 hrs everyday preparing for SATs (if you have the money or your family does, there's programs that do intensive preps for these kind of tests). 

    As far as math, anyone can do it. They key to success in math, is starting from the very beginning (identify your weaknesses), and turn them into your strengths, and the way to do that is PRACTICE PROBLEMS. Do maybe 1 hr of math a day, with a 10 minute break. 

    If you did 15 minutes of math and have quit, that's okay. Tomorrow do 30 minutes. And the next day 45 min. Start with small intervals. 

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    Any less than 4.0 GPA is not good enough.   Maintaining.

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      Maintaing that GPA and I have a Tiger mom you have no idea.  LMAO -  i hate that term but I laugh at you. dummie.

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    See a doctor. Talk about possible ADD or ADHD.

    Go to a therapist to help with you lack of confidence, obsessions, and concentration. 

    Get back into school with a teacher. 

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    Man just go part py bart, studying is a process...

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    Well, if you don't study, there is a very good chance you will fail.

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      woah you just cured a lifetime of adhd with this answer. someone give an award to this one.

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