Should I take another std test? ?

After a one night stand with an old high school friend I took an std test 2 weeks later 2 months later and another 6 months later. Everything came out negative which is good but I'm still paranoid because I never do that and I'm ashamed for doing that... I almost dont remember what happened exactly.  I just know we were both extremely drunk.. and the condom slipped off. He took an std test 2 weeks after as well and everything was negative.  I'm paranoid still a year later and think in the back of my head  and the thought of hiv scares me. Should I take another test? I think over worry and regret what I did a year ago...  

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    No, it sounds like it's becoming an obsession with you. If you've already taken 3 tests, then that's more than enough.

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